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Name: LiftUpVets

Ticker: LUV

Max supply: 80,000,000

Decimals: 0

Contract Address:








The LUV project aims to mesh the crypto community with philanthropic efforts to:

  • bring much needed aid to impoverished Veterans in my community and nationwide;

  • provide funding assistance to aspiring Veteran entrepreneurs; and,

  • provide care packages for American soldiers serving around the world.

Lift Up Vets has one simple mission: Expeditious Objective Completion.


This is a project that does what it is set out to do in a timely and transparent manner with weekly distributions of the Woobie initiative and quarterly execution of the Dynamic Sponsorship initiative.


The LUV Project

The Woobie

Buy stuff. Distribute stuff. Gather information. Share information. Repeat. 

Dynamic Sponsorship Initiative

Watch a pitch competition. Vote for a Veteran startup idea. Sponsor a Veteran business.

Show some LUV

Buy stuff. Send stuff. Repeat.

Practical and invaluable items for those who have so little, delivered to homeless Veterans in communities across the U.S.

  • Woobie (Poncho Liner)

  • Socks

  • Toiletries/hygiene kit 

  • Basic first aid kit 

  • Sewing kit 

  • Water

  • MRE


Beginning in Tampa, Florida, I will hit the streets to bring aid to those who desperately need it.

Virtual pitch competitions presented via web where the LUV community will view, evaluate and vote for the winners.

Our soldiers abroad generally have what they need in FOBs around the globe. The Show Some LUV initiative seeks to send those things the military doesn't provide, endearing and unusually luxurious items like homemade oatmeal cookies, baby wipes, hand-warmers, books and

video games to name a few.

These care packages show our men and woman overseas we support them and give them a taste of home.

Due to the nature of The LUV Project, Veterans have the opportunity to become educated in all areas of the crypto environment and community to benefit both.


Meet the team

Alex Conkle

Founder, Do-boy

That’s me! The man with the plan! I don’t have years of experience in blockchain technology or CEO credentials to back me up. I am just an average guy, long-time chef and avid adventure seeker.


What I do have is the experience of long-term homelessness, and the know-how of what a person really needs to help pick them up from such horrible lows. I also have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve and have served our country and all its citizens. As my mom always says, “No one can do everything but everyone can do something.” This is it for me.

Rosie Lee

Veteran Advocate

Rosie Lee is the President and Executive Director of Action Zone, Inc. in Tampa, Florida ( Action Zone is the only Veteran-centric, Veteran-exclusive entrepreneur education organization in Tampa Bay. The programs, free or low-cost, are provided to Veterans, active-duty, Reservists, National Guard, military spouses and dependents, and the civilian business parters with whom they collaborate to develop, launch and grow a business. Action Zone is the Tampa Bay network partner delivering the Veterans Florida Entrerpeneurship Program (VFEP), and a wide range of educational workshops, seminars, team-building activities, and mentoring opportunities for those not in the VFEP. Rosie serves Lift Up Vets as an advisor and marketing consultant.