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Name: LiftUpVets

Ticker: LUV

Max supply: 80,000,000

Decimals: 0

Contract Address:


The LiftUpVets Presale

Contact me to purchase LUV:

Welcome to the LUV presale!

Thank you for wanting to give back to the Veteran community and see the efforts of LUV grow.

Like much of my project, I am conducting this sale personally. This is not a smart contract-controlled presale. I am personally facilitating your purchase of LUV.

By purchasing LUV you agree that you are buying the LiftUpVets token in exchange for nothing. This is NOT an opportunity for investment. I guarantee nothing but my commitment to serve those that served first, and my ability execute my objectives in a timely and transparent manner. Anyone who buys my property (LUV)  does so because they believe in me and my project to put people before pockets. Any future listing of LUV on any exchange is for LUV's own ability to become liquid or for the community to have a buy-back option. LiftUpVet

1 LUV = 0.000125 ETH

1 ETH = 8000 LUV

Bonus: 200%

Min purchase = .25 ETH

Hard cap: 200 ETH

Available LUV for purchase: 1,600,000

Available LUV as bonus: 3,200,000

Total tokens available for presale: 4,800,000